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Customer Satisfaction Survey


"The mission of the Selkirk Fire District is to Preserve Life, Property and the Environment through Dedication, Preparedness and Quality Customer Service" The Selkirk Fire District wants to provide the public with the best service possible. We want your opinion as to the quality of services provided. Please help us improve our performance by answering the following questions below. The survey can be returned by mail. Thank you for your helpful reply as we endeavor to continually improve emergency service in our community.


Ron Stocking, Fire Chief

We have a rating system of 0-5

(5) Strongly Agree | (4) Slightly Agree | (3) Agree | (2) Slightly Disagree |

(1) Strongly Disagree | (0) No Opinion

Fire department personnel arrived in a prompt and timely manner.
Department personnel conducted themselves professionally.
Department personnel displayed a positive & helpful attitude.
The department responded with adequate equipment, personnel, and expertise to handle my emergency effectively.
Firefighters solved the problem they were called for.
Firefighters explained their actions during your care and treatment.
I would not hesitate to call the Selkirk Fire District in the case of a medical emergency in the future.
Overall, how would you rate the Selkirk Fire District? (Low=1 High=5)
What could we have done differently that might have made your experience more positive?
What do you feel the Selkirk Fire District can do to improve itself?
What additional services would you like to see your fire department provide?
If you would like to talk with us regarding this survey or our services, please provide us your contact information.
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