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Chimney Cleaning Tools

As the warm summer days turn into brisk winter nights many people in and around the mountains turn to their wood burning stoves and fireplaces to provide low-cost, heating for their families. But before you start cozying up in front of your fireplace the first thing to think of is the condition of your chimney. Dirty chimneys cause fires which could endanger life and property. One way to be proactive and help minimize the potential for a chimney fire is to clean your chimney with our assortment of tools that can be checked out at Station 1, 1123 Lake Street, Sandpoint.

Our selection includes Brushes and Rods from the various sizes.

6″ x 10″ – 6″ (diameter)
7″ x 11″ – 10″ (diameter)
8″ x 12″ – 7″ x 7″
9″ x 13″ – 8″ x 8″
10″ x 14″